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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alcohol as legalized drug

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Not being addicted to smoking, alcohol, drug, and being vegetarian sometimes provides me opportunity to take morally superior position to others. Two things work against me though. First, I am product of my culture, society and upbringing so my decisions (to not consume) are shaped by my circumstances rather than my choice at will, which renders my morally superior position not morally chosen one but thrust upon one, hence invalid. Second, with society changing its outlook to these habits, position itself is increasingly considered less morally superior by others. And while I respect and understand individual choices of people, and have long since realized that telling anyone more than 10 years old anything they don’t want to listen is not going to change them, that feeling sometimes crosses my mind nonetheless.

I came to this revelation that alcohol is nothing but legalized drug sometime last year. Society is very much against hashish, pot, charas, ganja, brown sugar, etc.; yet because society is also very much addicted to alcohol they have given it special status to allow adults to consume it, even though it is no different than the rest.

That one has to be adult to consume alcohol legally proves that alcohol is not natural diet and is harmful for our bodies, since no natural product will differentiate between young and adult body. That we don’t let pregnant women and children drink substantiates its harmful effects. Now I do know some research on good effects of limited drinking, but we all know those who drink, don’t drink it in medicinal quantities. That one is not allowed to drive vehicle or operate machinery after use and loses senses, alertness, passage of time, clear thinking and inhibitions after consumption suggest drug-like effect of alcohol. There are crimes committed because of, and for, alcohol consumption. To top the list, it’s addictive too. What difference remains between alcohol and cocaine, except for degree of harm and legal status? Why did we legalized one but not others? What right do alcohol consumers have to look down upon other drug users?