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About the Blog

Soon after I discovered blogging, I have been trying my hands at it.

My first blog "All That Bothers" started in 2003 (earlier posts were simply copy of emails I sent to my family detailing my marvel after my arrival in United States in August of that year; these were deleted later). After intermittent blogging from January of 2004 to November of 2005, I officially declared it dead.

I caught on bug of writing in Hindi next year and started a Hindi language blog titled "कतरनें (snippets)" on June of 2006 which I actively pursued till April of 2007 and drifted off thereafter. I haven't washed my hands off this one yet but it's practically dormant.

There are still few gems of posts on these now defunct blogs: click here for links.

As you can guess by now, this blog – third so far – was started soon after in August of 2008. With original promise of at least one post per day which turned into about two posts per week, I am now back to 'whenever I like it'. At rate of 30 posts per month in 2008 and 9 posts per month in 2009, I am so far at 4 posts per month in 2010. This, however, still remains my formal live blog, as yet.

My reduced frequency of posts is not so much a matter of lack of time but of lack of content. I, by policy, don't comment frequently on daily news. I am, by God's design, a very consistent person driven by simple but well formulated rules. Once these are known, my reaction to any happening can be predicted with fairly good accuracy. Subsequently, I don't bother repeating myself and find even little to write.

But what I write, so far, has been purely from heart and wanderings of my mind. Most topics I raise, you will find, are in-depth thinking of trivial strands of thought. I try to push myself to maintain desirable frequency of update, more so because forcing myself to write forces me to look for interesting things in trivial incidents of daily drudgery.

I hope to have made whatever time you spent with me well-spent.