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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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I am sorry if you are overwhelmed about reading about Bombay attack everywhere. Mood around here is such that these topics are at forefront. Some of these views are longstanding so it’s as good time for me to express them. Few commentaries:

More I think about it more it appears that there could have easily been more than 10 terrorists. They were free for a significant while before they were holed in. Nobody knows how many came and where all they went. If so, then next doomsday is imminent.

When Bombay changed its name to Mumbai in early 1990s, lot of people were disappointed in expensive ego soothing by politicians by superficial change. They decided that they’d keep Bombay alive if not in official papers. As time as passed, seeing Mumbai in print so often, it is inevitable that I slip Mumbai for Bombay. I feel slightly ashamed at being able to be manipulated by political class and not being able to be true to my original promise. Same for using Chennai for Madras. Kolkata for Calcutta. Bangaluru has not replaced Bangalore yet but it’s matter of time.

As much anger as is visible in public, somewhere I know that nothing substantial is going to happen this time too. I hope I am very wrong.