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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Point of contention

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I realized something today. It will be bone of contention in my life.

With regret I have come to realize that my mother’s culinary skills are unparalleled, incomparable, beyond par so much so that this is going to be cause domestic feud between me and my potential wife when I am going to say to her that her cooking is nothing like my mom’s.

I’ve been told that this (missing mum's food) happens largely to men and not to women. Is it true?

I had never thought of this before. I must learn to keep my mouth shut. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Following comments from Facebook page of this post:

Ashish -- Marry a woman from a different region, maybe? If your future wife is skilled in a slightly different genre of Indian Vegetarian food, maybe you won't feel the need to compare...

I guess part reason of finding their cooking unmatched is that one's taste bud get shaped to like just that (perhaps like language where babies ability to understand sounds gets limited to language he hears in first 6 months). They may not be good cook from outsider's point of view. In one episode of FRIENDS mashed potatoes with peas and lumps are someone's idea of best mashed potatoes, so there you are.

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