Friday, May 18, 2012

Links to share

  1. Leading a team requires skills different from successful personal achievement. Here are nicely put tips for being a great boss.
  2. Even in this day with GPS tracking, satellite mapping, Helicopter and what not, Amazon forests still remain out of reach of human. See fascinating narration of what lies inside through eyes of explorers who went in search of mythical city of Z.
  3. Given this history, it is not wrong to assume that all government departments are wrong and ready to loot money. Frequent strikes by Air India workers seem to suggest entitlement. But every story has two sides. Here is a attempt to look from other side.
  4. String theory suggests as many as 11 dimensions of Universe. Physical senses can see 3 dimensions. Brain can understand 4th dimension of Time. Beyond that it’s mere imagination. But ain’t it fun!
  5. Is character a well defined social concept?
  6. There is science behind design of parking space and parking penalty!
  7. And there is science behind walking: Part I and Part II.
  8. Humans are fallible. Even those who sit at highest pedestal deciding fate of lives of people: judges. And they don’t make good decisions if they are hungry!
  9. Look behind world of car salesman in US. Also good lesson in human psychology of selling.
  10. The turning point of advertising: mix Sex and Ad.
  11. Once American Airline decided to sell unlimited free flying passes for $300k+. It still lost. Because people just flew too much.?
  12. Why do people overeat?

Planning your own foreign trip, with Sri Lanka as example

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