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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good or Bad?

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Whatever happened, was that good or bad? Decide after each line.

He stole
to save the life of his wife 
thus killing a man
who was the one who had injured the wife in the first place
under threat of his kid’s life
by his criminal associate
who deceived him when he wanted to give up crime
to pretend to be good and serve lesser sentence
only because corrupt policeman would’ve killed him in encounter otherwise
because he was planning to run away with whole loot without sharing
that he needed for expensive operation of his kid’s heart
which was ruined because of kid’s severe drug use, drinking and smoking habits
which he learned from his father
by snooping around, disobeying him and stealing from him
as his childhood was charred and unmonitored
since the kid had killed his mother
by accident
under the influence of drug
which was forced on to him by his friends
who were forced to sell and recruit new users by a mafia
headed by the man who stole

What is good and what is bad? A new fact can change whole perspective. Is information ever complete? Who is omniscient? Who is right? Who is wrong? Who decides? Why?

Inspiration of this was from achchha hua ya bura hua game from an unidentified Hindi movie