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Monday, March 9, 2009

Recommended Blogs

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There is this thing called Blog Day which is celebrated on 31st August every year where bloggers of the world write about blogging and introduce new bloggers to the world. Since I am not sure if my blog will be alive for next 6 months, I want to thanks some amazing blogs I follow by introducing them to my readers (because I don’t thank them by clicking their ads). Of over 200 blogs and websites I follow on Google Reader, following is collection of the bests of the bests.

  • Web Comics: Brain Stuck is the funniest among the comics I read and targets IT industry in India primarily. XKCD is also nice in geeky sort of way and involves humour around Physics and Software. If you can tolerate constant badgering of religion (and laugh without making fuss) then Jesus and Mo is great comic too. Recently, I’ve discovered What the Duck which is about a cameraman duck which I am instantly in love with. Fly You Fools is comic commenting on everyday news items from India. Among others, I identify with Dinosaur Comics. It’s not really funny but I find character close to me in thinking. Everyday it comes with some interesting, new and strange idea and thinks through the implications.
  • Humour Blog: When talking about funny, Cracked takes the cake. I am a man who loves imbibing new information. Combine that with brilliant humour and you have Cracked. Other humourous blogs include My Mom is a Fob (about commentaries of FOB mom), Greatbong (about news and movies) and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s fake blog (about news). If you can tolerate non-veg humour then Best of Craigslist (funny classifieds) and F*** My Life (how a day is ruined) is good place to visit.
  • Photo Blog: Nothing captures the imagination than a well shot photograph. The Big Picture blog brings visual spectacles from across the world and tells stories which news often miss.
  • Not News: Anyone who has paid scant attention to media knows not to trust them at all. News You Can’t Use tells us why not. What better way to make fun of news then to make our own? The Onion is the best website which has been doing that for years. Faking News and Son of Bosey are Indian counterparts which manage to do amazing job in tickling my funny bone.
  • Tech Blog: Digital Inspiration and Lifehacker are blogs targeting technology savvy audience who’d like to learn about computer and web applications.
  • India Centric: Critical commentary on contemporary India is served by Wide Angle View of India though off late quality is at decline. The Better India instills hopes by bringing out rare positive news from the media.
  • Bollywood: Among few Bollywood blogs that I follow, Paisa Vasool stands right at the top with its self-deprecating tongue-in-cheek humour and non-technical analysis of movies.
  • Miscellaneous: The Best Article Every Day is what it says it is. It’s not a original work but it picks some decent work out there in blogosphere for daily reading. Damn Interesting as the name says is collection of fascinating information. This blog is defunct for a while but you can still browse archives. Post Secret peeks into dark depths of human heart. Ask Metafilter is best demonstration of the power of internet in collaborative help.