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Sunday, April 5, 2009


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It must have been deep rooted disdain, disgust and hatred — surely and obviously mixed with dry sarcastic humour — for a nation which has unfortunately inextricably linked itself with major share of wounds in India's social, religious and political milieu and has been constant pain in the rear of mother India that the following place has been derisively christened with the sobriquet same as the epithet of aforementioned country. With time though our neighbour has proven itself worthy of her namesake.

(This usage can be occasionally heard in Hindi heartland of our nation and is largely understood, so I understand. I was reminded of this in recent trip to a relative's place and it did bring a smile on my face.)


Vikas Gupta said...

I don't like some words/terms/labels [ Chinki and this Pakistan included]!

I have used both of these briefly in the past, just the same. I do not use them anymore nor do I suggest anyone to use it.

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic!!!! Best invention ever....

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