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Thursday, November 13, 2008


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This is this blog’s 101st post, and the biggest number ever for any blog that I’ve ever attempted writing. This post is here to freeze state of the blog as of today for future reference. In last 102 days since the beginning — of which I was on holiday for 26 — I have written under 30 category heads with highest share, obviously, that of my opinion. Category Count If wordle.net is to be believed, then I seem to write most about “people”. Results seem suspect to me, though! ScreenShot00022 Tocloud.com has more comprehensive but less visually appealing word cloud. Though comparison is not fair due to time frame involved, my top 5 posts by page views have been:
  1. Mirror cracking material
  2. History and psychology of clapping
  3. Alcohol as legalized drug
  4. Adultery should be criminal offense
  5. Observation from loo

To salvage the your visit to this narcissist page, let me present to you few of the pictures that have me in split. Click to enlarge.

Pi and iota Rule and Rock Too much work?
Angular MomentumMain tumhare pair pakadta hoon, mera sir mat khao!