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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Conundrum of Love

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If a vegetarian and non-vegetarian marry each other, do they brush each time before kissing?


Rolling said...

depends on whether they find each other sexually attractive, if they are, they wdnt bother, they wd be too much in love anyway. If they just like each other, are good friends, they might do it out of sense of goodwill. If they are hitched into an arranged marriage, there wd be no kissing so no bother or either both wd have become vegetarians or both non-vegetarians (if its middle class Indian household that is - I havent come across a single non veg woman who gets non veg stuff for herself when hubby doesnt mostly I see they get bored of cooking for one and either get him to eat it - commoner, or give up uncommon but happens)
but considering it is you Ashish I was amused only till the time I finished writing the comment on second thoughts it makes me exasperated to think a young person your age shd be worried about such things. If the man thought of these, then that couple isnt meant to be, Ashish!
Kissing is 1) about affection whch doesnt even care if he/she stinks of raw onion 2) its abt sex, here again, it doesnt matter, if there is mutual attraction!

Ashish Gupta said...

Well, since they are married, I'd say they will find each other sexually attractive alright, or at least indulge in one anyway. And do you seriously believe that people who are arranged-married don't kiss??? Regarding one changing for other, it may or may not happen. It didn't happen for many folks of my parents generation (know many family where husband is non-veg and wife is veg) and it's even less likely to happen for people of my generation (independence, tolerance)

You see, I ain't worried but mostly amusingly curious. I don't see why you'd believe that love has to supersede all other beliefs. Will you give up your patriotism if your lover ends up otherwise? For some people religious beliefs might be important. More importantly, a vegetarian typically would hate to eat bites of non-veg. Couple can mean to be despite differences depending on how they resolve them.

And frankly, I doubt that your partner will not object to your stinking of raw onion if it were to be daily habit despite howmuchever love there is. Why do so many ads sell chewing gum and mouth freshners for this? Maintaining personal hygiene is part of work to maintain relationship.

Rolling said...

one cant give up or take up patriotism - its the way people are brought up to be. habits one can take up or give up.
dont know about gums etc. most Punjabis in Delhi stank of raw onion, bec they take it with every meal, do you think they dont kiss? or their Punjabi GF mind?

Even in Pune it is a habit with people to have raw onion with Vada pao and green chillies. And they all seem to have roaring sex lives from the number of abies they have and the wy they talk at least. Maybe they wash before kissing or have ur gum - bef u wrote abt this it didnt even to me to worry abt that. and now everytime I see people fingering the onion in their salad I wonder. Am I a sucker?

Liked ur Man Standing post. mostly power wd say. I noticed if I keep standing over their heads it makes them work faster or the opposite they refuse to do it

Rolling said...

o and sorry about if I hurt any feelings there - if they are married at least they didnt want to worry abt such thngs anyway, and since they are married, they would resolve it too

no idea what love does

Ashish Gupta said...

Stink probably goes off after a while or if both parties are involved it may be acceptable...don't know. I don't have girlfriend so there is no first hand experience but puzzle was spontaneous question of wandering mind.

Ashish Gupta said...

Oh no, I am not hurt at all. I am thankful for your indulging this mindless debate with me :)

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