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Friday, January 9, 2009

Treatise on F.R.I.E.N.D.S (2/2)

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A treatise on Friends is not complete without talking about friends themselves. Characters of Friends are bunch of varied lot. Almost any person who has watched it for a while identifies with one or other character. It tells a lot about the viewer which character he identifies himself with. Relative preference of all six characters also suggests glimpse in psyche of viewer.

While Rachel was the most beautiful of the girls, she was also most despicable character to me. Even after repeated viewings I cannot recall an incident when she did something for others or sacrificed for her friends. She was deceptive, manipulative, utter selfish and insensitive, who used her friends for her gain whenever possible. Ross, on the other hand, was at receiving end of her tantrums almost throughout. His sacrifices to her, and others, were mostly unsaid. Yet he tops my list of least likable characters at number two by his continued love for most hateful person among all. His awkwardness, clumsiness and lack humour or looks didn’t help him either.

It’s more difficult for for me to rate rest of the characters so I will not attempt it. Joey’s boyish charm and uncomplicated outlook to life is what I’ve desired for long with no avail. His selfless help to others, bumbling exploits, and innocence wins heart everyday. Of course, there were moments of inconsistency in his intelligence level, but mostly he is person one would love to have as friend. Phoebe was Joey’s female counterpart. She was not as buffoon as Joey but was confident enough to do what she wanted without worrying what others would think of her. Chandler was perhaps closest to normal human male. He was considerate, understanding and caring yet careless, fun loving and enjoyable. An interesting quote I heard somewhere says that every man claims to be like Chandler, wants to be like Joey, but is actually like Ross.

Despite he general unpopularity, Monica is my favourite character. Her obsession with cleanliness aside, she was most the confident, successful and thoughtful ladies of the drama. She is also what I identify myself most with. Her clinical obsession with efficiency, punctuality and organization is what I am accused of by my friends too. Yet, she was also genuine friend in need.

I have not watched Friends in last one and an half year, mostly because I don’t want myself to bore with it. Though I don’t know if that is possible. My craze may not be as some of the peoples here but quotes and friends of Friends will remain in my heart forever as sweet memory and longing of separation of the best TV sitcom ever.

That's right, I stepped up! She's my friend and she needed help! If I had too, I'd pee on any one of you! ...More Quotes