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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Drab dresses

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Here is was YouTube link (Edit: video removed) of A. R. Rahman winning Oscars Golden Globes and all those people who despised Oscar for its bias in selection will suddenly forget and rejoice because Indian film (if it can be called that) won. We are quick to lap up to anyone or anything with slightest of Indian connection be it Kalpana Chawala or Sanjay Gupta.

These are the awards where who dresses how is big talk and all I could think of looking at these is that a small poor Indian wedding is more colourful and lovely dressed than these millionaires in their boring blacks and whites. What a drab.

On related note, what on earth led to convention (in Britain prominently, but also in USA) that men must dress in similar looking black tuxedos while women dress in wide variety of gowns, skirts and dresses in all lovely colours (particularly noted in movie Titanic[imdb: 7.2/10]). And why the hell Indians are blindly copying West in discarding pink as colour not for men or holding hands as something men can't do? Even stricter compartmentalization among genders and stereotyping is supposed to strengthen what? A simple gestures of friends men touching each other is being frowned upon.

As I’ve always feared, seems like India can’t move forward and be progressive without avoiding the problems that come with it even when there are example to learn from in developed countries of the world.


Rolling said...

you never visit me and you had to come today? and see me that way? aw, life is unjust
but yeah, why do men have to wear black and white all the time? why do they have to make it so difficult for a woman to choose a gift/colours for em? having a legacy like the oldest civilization behind us, why DO WE still not get over aping the West? Why do we not look inwards to who we were, what we could still be if only we allowed our good sense to prevail?

why do WE let our children not see how we evolved, what grave mistakes we committed which resulted in our community to lose it all and be slaves to aliens one fateful day?

why DO WE act weak and helpless when we were destined to surge ahead? why do WE fail to seek the right destiny for ourselves? why do WE turn away from our OWN? in the micro and macro level - why do Indians always, always turn away from their OWN to seek release, inspiration, love, recognition ELSEWHERE? whats wrong with us re?

Ashish Gupta said...

Oh I am subscribed to you so I visit regularly, just that I commented today. But angst is justified...though intensity of it makes me wonder that either you are mocking or you are really mad. Consider your post, I'd guess later.

Rolling said...

neither mad at nor mocking you, the question u raise disturbs me all the time

Amit said...

The youtube link no longer exists. BTW, did you mean Golden Globe or the Oscars? ;)

Ashish Gupta said...

Are they different? I didn't know! Whatever they be, they are sufficiently important for people to make appropriate noises.

Amit said...

Golden Globe has more categories, has been plagued by accusations of being fixed and generally has lesser standing and lesser prestige than the Oscars.

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