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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Horror Movies

I am sucker for horror movies even though very few, and I mean I can count on my fingers, movies have been able to really scare me. My problem is that if horror is explicit in form of ghosts or monsters, I find it unrealistic and hence not scary. And when it is subtle in form of creepiness or eeriness of tone of movie, I find it slow and and boring. What works for me is abruptness, ghastliness and unimaginably of sudden acts. Hence true-like tone of Blair Witch Project, overall helplessness and suddenness of acts in The Descent, beyond imagination brutality of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, novelty of 1408 and creepiness of The Ring have propelled them to be top of my list. Fascination with what can shake me to the core has led me to watch as stupid movies as The Deadwood Park. So that's what I watched today, am still wondering even after 5.0 out of 10.0 in IMDB why did I do it? By the way, you can see my Horror favourites here.