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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'd love to die by...

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You've got to give credit to – I can't seem to find his/her name – to whoever made this awesome website Exit Mundi.

Exit Mundi collects scenarios of what could go wrong with the world. Exit Mundi isn't in it for doom preaching, but strictly for fun. It's a fascinating thought: if that comet didn't wipe out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, we wouldn't be here pondering about apocalypses and armageddons in the first place. That's why this site is a tribute to floods, quantum explosions and awfully big chunks of space rock falling out of the sky. If there's a lesson to be learnt, it should be that within every end looms the dawn of a new beginning.

And I urge you to go and explore, in free spirit and free of fear, in how many ways world can end. Some samples:

The Sumerians saw it. The Russians photographed it. NASA saw it, too. And now, eons after it left our world behind as a smoking, lifeless mess, the dreaded Planet X is about to reenter our solar system and mess up our world all over again.

Somewhere, deep in the galaxy, a huge demolition ball of gas and dust is racing straight towards us. It's so dark you can't see it, but it's there all the same. What's worse: when it visits our solar system, it will create havoc and destruction on Earth.

If you like to watch the stars, watch this: that faint, little white spot in the constellation of Ophiuchus. You don’t see it? Don’t worry: it will get bigger over time. For actually, it’s a star that’s coming straight at us.

Worried about getting hit by a meteorite? Aw, that’s so boring. Just wait -- a few more billions of years, and we’ll have an entire GALAXY falling down on us!

It is a problem so strange only a handful of physicists know about it. Well, that is until one day, the ‘problem’ becomes real. It will be some bizarre event. For on that day, everything in the Universe will fall apart.

Is humanity going insane? Although it seems to weird to be true, there are some quite serious clues that the civilized world will one day fade out in mass insanity.

What if we all killed ourselves? We agree: after all we’ve been through as a species, mass suicide would be a ridiculous way to go. But oddly, suicide could also be the inevitable, most logical outcome of evolution...

Your entire country, launched into space. Sounds weird, right? Still, it could happen any day, scientists say. In fact: the country-launching thing may be responsible for the death of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago.

It's almost too absurd to consider, but in the near future it may be a very real possibility: all life on earth is eaten up by man made machines, in what physicists euphemistically call `the gray goo problem'.

What’s furry, has claws and triggers the end of the world? You guessed it. It’s your trusted, feline friend: your cat. And cats are not the only animals causing problems. Rabbits do it. Frogs do. Yes, even the cute Giant Panda is helping to blow the world to kingdom come.

Forget about nuclear weapons, forget about tanks. One guy riding a horse may be all it takes to kill everyone on the planet. Kalki, is the soldier's name. And his only weapon is his sword of holy vengeance.

If diversity of scenarios and style of writing didn't convince you to go through this website from A to Z, I predict you will die of boredom!