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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bathroom breaks

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A person suffering from urinary disorder may not be able to hold his/her cravings for long but I don't expect that whole population of WIMWI suffers from this. What would explain then continuous breaks for bathroom, one student after another, starting within 10 minutes of start of examination? I could swear that a person doesn't need to go for (water) drink or toilet every 10 minutes. Surely, they would've done that before the commencement of exam. And yet, when before one comes in, next is ready to go out (and they don't permit more than one student out at the same time or we would have had whole class out). I know that people aren't that careful and that I overanalyze stuff, but still...

Ditto for classes. We've 20 minutes breaks for 75 minutes class. Seems reasonable except that you'd always have few who'd want to go out soon the class starts. Reason here, more likely, is respite from boring lecture.

Thankfully, one needn't ask instructor for permission here to go out.