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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meet Airtel Manmohan Singh

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You know the trend these days of changing the names of TV shows to include sponsor's name? Like "Airtel Panchvi pass...", "Rin Rangoli', "Wheel Smart Shrimati", "Closeup Antakshari", etc. Made me wonder how much sponsorship I will get if I change my name to say, Airtel Ashish Gupta. I will use this is all verbal and written communication, on my degress, wedding invite, business card, name plate, email signatures and so on. I know that millions of people don't come across my name, but then, I am not even expecting millions of rupees in sponsorship. Something like 10K perhaps?

Corollary to that is that prime ministers et al can bring crores in exchaquer by simple agreering to prefix their name by sponsor's name. Their name is there all the time on TV, in print news, in international press, in many official documents and what not. Surely, they can utilize the popularity to earn some money, for themselves, if not for the nation.

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Abhishek said...

This is in fact a fantastic idea... this way the brands will govern the behavior of netas... like Manmohan after N deal will say "boost is secret of my energy" :)
.. in terms of behavior.. any corruption etc may lead to blot mark on the brands and they can regulate netas for not getting involved into all this.. netas while ofcourse make money from brand endorsements rather than back stabbing the nation!

I recommend election commission to take a note and allow all netas to do part time modeling... just like our cricketers.. at the least even when these netas are not in power they will have some constructive work and will hopefully refrain from horse trading... what say "Nano Mamta di" ??

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