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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Consultants and Investment Bankers

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One of the top two destinations for MBA graduates is Consulting and Investment Banking jobs. Former because of high-class life style and later because of monstrous pay packages. Of course, side effects include hectic work and no social life. Something like here:

of Consultants — by Mahesh M

They sit all day starting at excel and making decks
Reimbursing everything from taxi fares and dinner cheques

Life isn't that rosy for these poor "brainy" souls
Most of their time is lost in lonely airport strolls

At the end of the day you are working for a client
Who invariably is frustrated and least bit pliant

Not to mention the last minute requests and delays
Endless calls and cynical mails adding to your disgrace

But life still goes on amidst all the irritation and pain
This is true wherever you are - be it Mck, BCG or Bain!

of Investment Bankers — by Shalabh G

I think you're being a little less than fair
When you speak only of frustration and despair

Excel and Power Point may be the consultant's bread and butter
But they're not so bad when the alternatives you consider
Bloomberg terminals, sandwich at the desk, coffee gone cold at the side
More money true, but where's variety - the spice of life?

Consultants work for clients, sometimes pliable, often obtuse
But there's fulfillment in putting his money to better use
Even if it's wining and dining at the client's expense
It's improving your productivity, isn't it? It makes sense!

Travel's the part most people find most hard
But then you soon become the proud holder of a Platinum Card
And if you have a Significant Other to take with you
You could plan a nice free trip or two!

It's possible what I think turns out to be far from true
I must therefore admit my days in consulting have been few
All the same I think there's much to look forward to
I hope it's not a decision I come to rue!