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Friday, September 19, 2008

Harry Potter conspiracy

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In a self-defeating race to read meaningless unrealistic fabrications of an old woman, sitting in history's most imperial country, set in fancy world riddled with derogatory references to ourselves, children and adults of world are being systematically brainwashed into evildoing. Recent painstaking study of Harry Potter books in America exposed several evil references in J. K. Rowling's hidden agenda set in disguise of children's book. While I urge you read whole report and protect next generation before it's too late, I quote most devastating tricks below to emphasize the magnitude of the problem.

Perhaps one of the more laughable aspects of these novels, is the portrayal of female characters. More specifically, the portrayal of female characters as equal to their male counterparts. [...] Any sane adult knows, that whether it be cooking, cleaning, or spitting out babies, a woman's job is to satisfy her man.

Throughout the series...Harry and his gang of sinners often seek aid from a large oaf by the name of Hagrid. Hagrid is a half-breed, a cross between a Giant and a human. This sends a dangerous message to our children, that...large people are honest people. Obviously, that is not the case.

At every turn, the main characters can be seen drinking "Butterbeer." [T]his advocat[es] underage drinking.

Children are not equal to adults. This is not something up for debate, rather a fact. Why is it then, that Mr. Rowling chooses to have the main character act with so much sass? Blatant disrespect is shown throughout the novel to Severus Snape, the most likable character among the evil God-haters in these novels.

I am both shocked and appalled that nobody else has made the following obvious conclusion. VOLDEMORT IS JESUS!!! That's right. First he dies, then his followers are persecuted, and now he has risen from the dead to live again.

According to an article in TOI (via geekofalltrades), Hindi Harry Potter series (I'd have preferred to call him Hari Putra) has seen substantial sale over last few years. Apart from translating Greek-Latin curses into Sanskritized Hindi, its translator Sudhir Dixit also describes an interesting dilemma.

What bothered him more was the moral and literary dilemma within him. For instance, in Hindi, unlike in English, expression of respect is unambiguous. So, Dixit had to decide if the character of Snape had to be addressed with respect or with disdain. [...] He eventually decided to treat Snape with respect, "because, he is after all a professor".

Promo of Hari Puttar and Jado Ki Chhadi