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Friday, September 26, 2008

Origin of electoral decisions

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Cognitive dissonance won't help people make rational decisions, but it also suggests that there's little point in arguing with someone who holds an opposing belief. — Does ideology trumps facts?

A lesson I learned the hard way. Because logic aside, we humans are not rational individual, howmuchever I like to believe otherwise. And because we are entrusted with great responsibilities, we are doomed too. Evidence suggests that not only logically arguing with someone will fail to alter their views, but it will also strengthen their illogical or misinformed views. Because “majority of our thoughts originate in the areas of the brain inaccessible to conscious introspection” and

  • Incompetent individuals tend to overestimate their own level of skill.
  • Incompetent individuals fail to recognize genuine skill in others.
  • Incompetent individuals fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy. — My candidate, myself