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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My vision for India

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My vision for India in 2025 (written as part of scholarship essay) envisions:
  • India that is democratically mature – where use of caste, religion and region to cater short-term political interest is drastically reduced
  • India that channels her vast population potential into economic engine driving the country forward – where each individual has opportunity to fully develop his or her potential in school system and utilize that in positive manner by participating in employment market
  • India that is free of archaic laws which limit economic, political and personal freedoms – where offence to religion doesn’t justify economic damage to public, where government doesn’t interfere in providing goods and services when private sector can do so, where red tape of bureaucracy doesn’t strange entrepreneur spirit of individual
  • India that is socially mature – where public’s participation is government goes beyond voting, where people understand value of life and value of others’ right, where people see through shortsightedness of government policies and act accordingly
  • India that is capable of providing basic amenities to its people – where everyone has access to clean water, sanitation, nutrition, education, shelter and justice
My vision for India is ambitious because I want her to be what she can be. I believe that most of the problems will cease to exist if people only do what they are supposed to do, honestly, and needn’t go beyond call of duty. My vision for India is also realistic because I understand that evils of history and human nature cannot be cured in short time to 2025. I desire progress, not perfection.