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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fan in the bathroom

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One thing that has perplexed me often, and has rose in my wish list for my own house, is that why people don't have fans in the bathroom/toilet. A person spends about half-an-hour of his day doing morning rituals and given India's weather, place can become very hot and sweaty at times. Couple this with the fact that close confine and moisture actually make matter worse. Many a times, specially in summer, one comes out of bathroom worse than what s/he went in. While the need is abundantly clear, absence of attempts to fulfill is surprising. In fact, people find this notion laughable. If you do too, prey (or is it pray?), tell me why?


Abhishek said...

may be this is what can be defined as lesser "fan penetration" in Indian market. Now in socialist era, people though themselves rich if they had a fan in bedroom. The money has changed, but the mindset is more sticky.

Anyway.. not sure if you are talking about a "exhaust fan" here.. a ceiling fan would push back the 'hot gases' back on you while your half hour show ;)

Ashish Gupta said...

I meant ceiling fan. In bathrooms preferably. Regarding in toilets, I see your point. If one can have AC then both places will be fine.

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